Table Skirts

Our table skirts are available for many table shapes and sizes, plus they are made of durable polyester fabric in a wide array of colors. They also come with a set of clips to use for attaching the skirt to your table. They provide an opportunity to improve the look of your event and are an excellent choice for trade shows, catering and buffet banquet tables, hotels, and party rooms.

What is the purpose of table skirting?

The common reasons for using a table skirt are to hide the legs of a table and to give an event, like a trade show, a cohesive appearance. Other reasons for using a table skirt when dressing your table might surprise you.


A basic table skirt can be used under a tablecloth. Having a contrasting color table skirt that reaches the ground under a shorter tablecloth provides a layered look. Often using multiple layers of fabric colors or materials looks more elegant than a simple tablecloth, and those layers start with the table skirt topped with a complementing tablecloth. Your choice of napkins, table runner, and china provide texture, and topping the table with a beautiful centerpiece gives a polishing touch.


The material used to make most table skirts make them a popular option for dressing up a buffet table. Having a stain-resistant and flame-retardant table skirt is a popular option for caterers worried about dropped food or open flames under their dish warmers.


Lastly, the ability to use a table skirt, again and again, makes them an economical and sustainable choice. iQ Linen makes their table skirts of durable polyester that holds up well to multiple washes and maintains both its color and shape.

How to Attach a Skirt to a Table?

iQ Linens makes attaching their table skirts to your table easy. Each table skirt comes with enough reusable skirt clips that fit a table up to “3/4 thick. They consist of a rubber tube to grip the edge of the table and a hook and fastener system that works with the skirt.

How to Measure for a Table Skirt?

In order to choose the correct size skirt for your table, you first look at the right shape for your table – round, square or rectangle. Then measure the edges for the linear size of the table skirt and then the height of the table to determine length needed.