Pipe and Drape

At some events, it’s necessary to have a backdrop or a way to guide crowds from one area to another. In these cases, a pipe and drape system can be utilized. All of the drapes from iQ Linens are a one-piece, seamless design measuring 8 feet or 10 feet tall and 72 inches wide. For fitting on a pipe, they are equipped with a 4” top rod pocket. The drapes are made of a durable polyester material that is a stain & wrinkle resistant and machine washable. Plus, the drapes are inherently flame retardant, which is a bonus for their use. Each panel is a single layer, unlined and semi-opaque and there is no hardware included.
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Uses for Pipe and Drapes

How to use pipe and drapes? You see it more often than you think. There are many uses for pipe and drape to be seen in everyday life, which you see even if you’re not aware of it. Pipe and drape is often used as the backdrop to press conferences & speeches. For your personal use, pipe and drape can be used as backdrops for and division between conference booths, behind buffet tables and to make spaces beautiful without permanent construction.


It can also be used to guide people from room to room or around a trade show floor. More attractive than ropes, you can choose a color to match the table skirts and other linens in use at your event.

How to Make a Frame for a Pipe and Drape Backdrop?

The frame to hold your drape backdrop can be easily built from PVC pipe, or bought separately online. To construct one yourself, you’ll need plenty of pipe to build the frame, as well as supports, plus a miter saw to cut everything to the right size. There are plenty of YouTube videos available for detailed instructions.