Chair Ties

To finish the look for your event, whether it be a wedding reception or a fundraising dinner, choose coordinating chair tie sashes. Each of the chair ties sashes from iQ Linens measure 8 x 100 inches in width and length. They are made of material that is stain & wrinkle resistant and machine washable. Satin Chair Tie Sash is ideal for wedding chair decorations, catered affairs, or other parties and special occasions.
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Designing Your Event with Chair Ties

Make your wedding reception or banquet more elegant with chair ties in luxurious fabrics. From iQ Linens' large selection, you can choose the same colors for your tablecloths, napkins, and chair ties, or you can add some depth by choosing complementary colors, like white table cloths with turquoise cloth napkins and chair sashes.

Chair Sash Tie Materials

You’ll find the perfect color for your design in a variety of materials. From red polyester to black satin, choosing the right material can influence the overall appearance of your event. Don’t feel as if you have to match your table décor and sash exactly, mixing colors and materials can really make a statement.

How to Tie a Chair Sash?

There are many options for tying a chair sash. Instructions for two of the most basic are below:

The Simple Bow:

There are two reasons that make the simple bow a favorite: it is quick and easy because you do it every day. Tying the simple bow works the same as tying your shoes.

The Double Loop Flower:

Although this seems like a more complicated way to tie a chair sash, it is actually quite easy. Start by tying a simple bow, but be sure to keep the loops small. With the hanging ends, make another bow. Fluff each of the four loops, and then tuck each loop over the adjacent loop, then tucking the ends underneath.