As temperatures begin to cool and the leaves begin to turn across the country, planning for upcoming holidays gets into full swing. There is no bigger holiday than Thanksgiving for eating around a dinner table with family and friends. Even in early fall, we start thinking of how to decorate the dinner table, as well as what to plan for the meal.


Modern farmhouse or rustic style extends to table décor year-round, but at no other time is it more appropriate than for your fall entertaining, particularly on your Thanksgiving dinner table. Natural fibers and styles can be seen on tables from table linens to decorative ribbons and bows. From farmhouse chic to more elegant styles, let’s take a look at some options for your table linens this fall holiday season.


Jute Table Linens


Burlap is accurately used to describe linens made of natural-color jute, but burlap-style fabric can also be made of synthetic material and available in many colors. Let’s take a look at ways to use jute in your fall table decor.

Burlap Jute Tablecloth

Using a classic jute tablecloth on your fall dinner table allows you a lot of flexibility in your table décor. With its natural color, it’s the perfect backdrop for both bright and muted centerpieces and table settings. Pull in greenery, gourds, and other fresh vegetables or fruit to represent the bounty of harvest along the center of your table, or use fun, Thanksgiving-themed decorations with a couple of small flower arrangements and candles. Either way, your table will be inviting and will help make your guests feel welcome.


This jute tablecloth offers a lovely background for table settings inspired by nature on this Thanksgiving table. From Tanya Capaldo Designs in Boston, MA.

Jute Table Runner

Another option for using jute fabric on your table is a jute table runner. The table runner might even be a better option since jute is a bit difficult to clean and a table runner is less likely to need it after your meal. You can spot clean any candle drippings or other stains more easily than food or drink stains on a large tablecloth. Also, a short or long jute table runner makes a perfect palate for a colorful centerpiece.


Burlap Table Linens


Burlap-style fabric can be made from materials that are more durable and easier to clean than natural jute. They also come in a rainbow of colors from natural beige to the brightest green, and every color in between. The Havana fabric table linens from iQ Linens are made of a synthetic, burlap-style fabric available for tablecloths, napkins, and table runners.


Here are some ideas for using burlap table linens on your fall table, including as a tablecloth, a table runner, or cloth napkins.

 Burlap Cloth Napkins

Choosing a burlap napkin in a non-traditional color is a great way to brighten your table. Multiple colors of cloth napkins are available in Havana burlap fabric from iQ Linens.


Using a rich red burlap napkin with autumn leaf accents stands out on a beautiful wood table. This combination will also look great with an orange or green napkin.


Burlap Tablecloth

We’ve seen the beauty of a burlap tablecloth, but the classic jute material can make it difficult to maintain. A tablecloth of Havana material in natural burlap color is much more practical and looks just as great!

Another beautiful option is to choose a burlap tablecloth in another color. A brighter color can either serve as a nice backdrop to simple table decorations, or the right color can make a single color from your decorations shine.



Fall colors of yellow, cranberry, and green stand out brightly against this blue burlap-style tablecloth.

Burlap Table Runner

Of course, the option of using a table runner made from burlap in a variety of colors is always available.

A narrow, black burlap table runner is a great base for this classic fall table from home blogger DigsDigs.


Cotton Table Linens

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the harvest and natural abundance available to us. For this reason, any natural material makes a great table linen option for your dinner table. While we’ve discussed jute as an option, we shouldn’t ignore the option of using cotton or cotton-blend linens.

Cotton Tablecloths

For a more elegant table, you may consider the Miranda cotton-blend tablecloth from iQ Linens. These tablecloths look expensive, but they are actually affordable, highly-durable options. Using one on your Thanksgiving table will give it a touch of class.


Using a gold cotton tablecloth dresses up simple white china.


For a less formal table setting, consider a bright cotton-blend tablecloth in an orange or deep red twill. Top it with colorful Thanksgiving-themed plates and a centerpiece of autumn bounty.


Colorful Thanksgiving décor from home blogger DigsDigs.

Cotton Cloth Napkins

Hands-down the best fabric to choose for your Thanksgiving and other fall dinner napkins is a cotton blend. They are beautiful and come in a variety of styles and colors. The material is wrinkle and stain resistant, plus it holds up to multiple machine washings without fading.


You can set your table with Miranda cotton-blend fabric napkins for a more formal Thanksgiving dinner or other dining occasion. With iQ Linens offering ten colors from which to choose, these beautiful damask napkins will complement any table.



For more color choices and a less formal table, check out iQ Linens’ collection of Twill cloth napkins. With 20 colors available these easy-care, cotton-blend napkins will be perfect for your family’s Thanksgiving meal. As an added bonus, they are also durable enough for everyday use.


Another option for using natural table linens on your fall holiday table is a table runner. You’ll also find table runners in the Miranda fabric on


Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Hopefully, you’ve been inspired by some of the ideas we’ve offered. If so, why wait? Get that order into today for the perfect table linens to use for your gathering.