Floral arrangements are the perfect accent for our iQ Linens fine tablecloths 

Many of our iQ Linens customers, planning a memorable event, search for artificial flowers in addition to first-class tablecloths and linens. The following Q&A offers some guidance on choosing the right source for artificial flowers. 

While we at iQ Linens focus on our mainline of table linens (like tablecloths, table skirts, cloth napkins, and more) we want to make sure your events are perfect on all levels!


Why choose artificial or fake flowers over real flowers?

Artificial flowers offer a host of advantages over real flowers. Fake flowers aren’t as fragile as real flowers. They aren’t subject to the damage or wilting that real flowers will sustain. Many crafters and customers appreciate that they gain the beautify of flowers without the allergic effects of some flowers. Fake flowers may meet your schedule obligations better than some real-life varieties that may not be in season when they are requested. They require minimal maintenance. Many of today’s artificial flowers are so lifelike: they look perfect in wedding photographs. Many guests cannot spot the difference between artificial and real. 


What are the best looking artificial flowers?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! But consumers, crafters, and event planners alike share positive results with fake succulents, artificial sunflowers, and silk roses. 


What to look for in high-quality silk flowers?

To ensure you are getting top-grade and realistic-looking silk flowers, consider checking for these items:

  • High-quality silk flowers generally have a supportive wire running throughout stems, leaves, and flower petals. This allows each element to be arranged in the most lifelike way possible. 
  • Stems are typically longer and wrapped in floral tape. Designers can easily cut stems to fit specific arrangements.
  • High-quality silk flowers will not have a high sheen finish. Rather, a matte or flat finish will look most natural. 
  • High-quality silk flowers should maintain their appearance and color for years to come. 


What wholesale artificial flowers manufacturers are there?

No brand truly dominates or is the “go-to” in the world of fake flower manufacturing. Most artificial flowers are imported from China by various importers under a wide range for names but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great quality! Keep an eye out for features detailed above: Silk is preferable, positioning wires running through the body, individual flowers are preferred to the premade arrangements. 


Will artificial flowers work for my outdoor event?

Due to gains made in product coloring and finishing, many artificial flowers can withstand the elements. Check with your agent: are flowers made of durable materials? Have dyes been treated to be water safe? Are leaves and petals able to stand up to windy conditions?  Oftentimes consumers find floral assemblies that can stand up to the weather, and at a cost right in line with flowers intended for use indoors only. 


Will my choice of artificial flowers be considered tacky?

Artificial and faux flowers have made a resurgence in recent years. As the quality of materials and finishes has improved, it has become more difficult to discern the artificial bloom from the real! Many designers, stylists, and bloggers have embraced faux flowers for use in their own homes, as decoration and dining room centerpieces. To the casual observer, the faux floral is as good as the real thing. In fact, faux flowers get a boost in the Home & Garden section of the Washington Post.


Where can I buy the cheapest fake flowers?  Where can I buy high-quality fake flowers? 

Quality and pricing can vary greatly with fake flowers. Most artificial flowers are sourced from overseas; each flower can be time-intensive to assemble. Consumers are generally very satisfied with the value provided by artificial flowers. For the cheapest fake flower option, AliExpress can be a good option but you’ll end up waiting 10 - 45 days for your order to arrive and don’t expect amazing customer service! For high-quality and great service, sites like Afloral.com mix the two with some great results!


What distributors are there for wholesale floral and craft supplies?

The following websites are top providers of wholesale silk flowers/artificial flowers. 


Wholesale Account Available?



Burton + Burton





iQ Linens cannot be held responsible for the quality or customer service of these companies; the listing is provided as a service to our linens customers that may be interested in outside sources of faux flowers. For a look at our complete listing of linens for your special event(s), visit our website


How much do fake flowers cost?

Prices vary by specific item, quality of that item, quantity discounts, and retail versus wholesale pricing. We found these price ranges based on the quality of the flower’s appearance:  

Fake Flower Type

Average High-Quality Cost

Average Cheap Flower Cost

Silk Roses

$20 each

$2 each

Artificial Sunflowers

$12 each

$4 each

Echeveria Succulent

$ 9each

$3 each


Merchants also regularly feature sales including seasonal and closeouts. A smart shopper can score some great deals. 


Floral Arrangements are Just Part of the Perfect Table Setting

For a memorable reception, family gathering, corporate event, or even romantic dinner for two, a striking tablecloth is an important detail. From simple solid colors to tone-on-tone, textures, and fun prints, you’ll find a complete selection at iQ Linens. We have a wide range of colors and textures to fit any setting, to blend in or highlight any décor. Choose from traditional or fitted tablecloths. Coordinate your linen setting with the perfect cloth napkins.  Whatever the occasion, we have the linens to help make your event dazzle. Products ship within 48 hours! 

And for our business customers, don’t forget that iQ Linens also features a range of cloth and linen products at bulk/wholesale prices for use at home shows, trade shows, sales and marketing events, and expos.